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Welcome to the home of the Blood Sea Pirates!
Ahma's Rebirth
GamesAhma has gone through some structural changes and is now reintroduced to the World of Warcraft as a 10man raiding guild.

We have cleared Icecrown Citadel normal 12/12 and our progress in the heroic department leaves only two bosses left namely Lich King and Professor Putricide, these will hopefully meet their demise in the remaining two weeks before Cataclysm.

Come Cataclysm we aim to start being a contender on the Balnazzar realm once again, so thanks to everyone who stuck through the finding of new players.
Ahma's Rebirth
GamesAhma has undergone some structural changes and we are now preparing ourselves for a 10man active raiding guild come Cataclysm.

We are ending WotLK by hopefully doing the last two bosses missing on Heroic and thereby putting our mark on the end of the Lich King :)

Good Job to the ones sticking through the process.
GamesWe need with us in this game! Testing!

Make sure you goto
NewsI got my company website up and running, but I'm really low on google searches and I need improved Pagerank and so.

If you got a website, make sure to include a link to me!
Ulduar 11/14
GamesGj to all who managed general!!!
Ulduar 10/14
Wrath? What wrath?
GamesSo, WOTLK is cleared, Ahma managed to down Sartharion with 3drakes yesterday on the 2nd try.

GJ to all as usual :)

For once, I was even there myself for a progress-raid!

Malygos 25 dead
GamesGz to the 22 in the raid last night who for the first ahmatime managed to kill Maly.

Naxx cleared, Malygos next
GamesAnd so we┬┤ve done it - cleared Naxx 25 man and soon all WOTLK content will be cleared, lets hope Blizzard has some new content for us soon.
Military quarter cleared on 25
GamesWe just need to get the last 2,5m hps off Thaddeus and we're rdy to face the dragon and KZ!!!
25 man Naxx progress
GamesSpider quarter cleared and Patchwerk + Grobbulus dead
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28/04/2015 16:24
played it for like a month then I got bored of the repetativ garrison stuff. Guess

02/01/2015 08:08
I'm planning on trying WoD soon smiley

30/10/2014 17:15
WoD is two weeks away, any1 considering trying it out? smiley

14/10/2012 21:35
anyone tried MoP?

01/05/2012 01:14
Does any of you still play?

28/03/2012 12:49
Yo folks whats up?

10/05/2011 15:14
Hi Everyone!

10/05/2011 15:10
hi pnuk

09/05/2011 22:14
heck no!

09/05/2011 11:28
come on join us in 1100ad guys!

22/03/2011 12:43
Not me, no

16/03/2011 13:02
Japan anyone?

11/03/2011 15:45
ahoy Pirates!

11/03/2011 11:30
Hoot hoot

11/02/2011 19:54

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